Customized ATM Services

Rochester has prided itself on results and has been ranked as one of the top vendors in the industry based upon time-up and time available for machines it serves by the two largest financial institutions it serves. Customized ATM Services include:

  • Cash Replenishments
  • Balancing
  • 1st Line Maintenance
  • Bulk Cash / Cassette Reconciliation
  • Customized Reporting
  • ATM Deposit Processing
  • Kaba Mas Lock Installation and Support

Armed Uniform Personnel

ATM Technicians are trained to serve all types of machines. Replenishments are delivered in armored cars with armed, uniformed personnel.

Easy to Start Service

Whether just a few ATMs or a large network, we can customize to your needs. Please call for a quotation. Rochester Armored Car Customer Service at 1-800-558-9323 or email us at

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