Get It Done Right.

Does your business have time-sensitive deliveries that need to arrive at the right place at the right time? Rochester’s Courier Services is a cost-effective solution. This services provides the safe delivery of various items and packages that are important to your business, but don’t necessarily require armored transportation. Inter-office materials, small packages, mail, and medical shipments are just a few examples.

Rochester’s Courier Services provide:

  • Peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that these important materials are being handled and delivered according to your special needs.
  • Uniformed couriers for the extra protection you want. All couriers undergo extensive background checks.
  • Local, same-day delivery.
  • Potential savings. Courier Services coupled with Rochester's Armored Services, create a complete handling of transportation needs which results in lower costs to our customers.

How It Works

  • Rochester will work with you to learn the type of delivery service you need.
  • From there, we will establish a schedule that achieves your goal.
  • With our extensive insurance program, you never have to worry. Special insurance provides coverages for reconstruction, general liability and auto coverage.

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