A search for better service results in improved operations

When Arbor Bank decided to switch armored carriers they were simply seeking better service. What they gained from the switch though was much more. The move to Rochester Armored Car introduced the bank to cash management solutions and services that improved efficiency, reduced risk, and essentially changed how the bank operated.

A better way of doing things

NaKisha Baker, Deposit Manager/Branch Manager, explained that Arbor Bank first reached out to Rochester Armored Car simply because their service needs weren’t being met. She recalled that before providing a quote Rochester spent some time learning how the bank was currently operating. Armed with this information, the Rochester team made a few recommendations. One recommendation was utilizing Rochester’s Cash Vault Services.

This service establishes an inventory for the financial institution at one of Rochester’s vaults to fund and prepare orders for branches and/or ATMs. The financial institution gains a new set of benefits, including the ability to streamline ordering and reporting for all the branches, a 1-day turn-around for branch orders, and eliminating the need to hold excessive liability to fund other branches.

Baker and her team were thrilled to learn about this option. “Honestly, we didn’t know how many options there were,” Baker said. “We are a community bank and were just sort of doing what we had always been doing, following the Federal Reserve’s guidelines and requirements.” Discovering the flexibility that Rochester’s Cash Vault Services provides financial institutions revealed new ways for Arbor Bank to operate. This service meant Arbor Bank would no longer have to struggle with managing vault levels, preparing ATM loads, or distributing currency and coin to its branches. Baker and her team were intrigued. A tour of the Omaha operation and meeting the Cash Vault Services department sealed the deal. Baker said they left the tour knowing that this was the right move.

Before Baker could even begin to worry about a painful and time-consuming transition, Rochester began the education/training phase of onboarding. She said this helped them learn to not only use the online web portal that is part of the Cash Vault Services, but also how to leverage it to make more informed decisions. Before their decision-making had been dictated by the Federal Reserve requirements, but now there were so many options that better fit their needs.

Increased efficiency

The partnership with Rochester has improved efficiency in many areas of the bank’s operations and many of those improvements are linked directly

to Rochester’s online web portal. The online web portal provides easy access to ordering and reporting functions. Baker is able to add or restrict permissions to any employee within the system.The reporting functions combined with the ability to automate orders has made it easier for Baker to manage vault levels and operating tasks. “It’s been very beneficial to access and share information needed in minutes and has definitely improved day-to-day operations and created peace of mind,” she said.

The bank also discovered that this streamlined way of ordering and accessing reporting also has allowed team members from different branches to support each other. This has enabled the branches to back up or assist each other in ways they haven’t been able to before.

With the online web portal, there’s also no reason for Baker to print and maintain copious paper records because she can pull info at any time. “This specifically was like this tremendous a-ha moment,” she said. “The information you need is there and accessible in one place at any time.”

Reduced risk

Reducing liability obviously reduces risk, but Arbor Bank also has reduced its risk simply by having Rochester service its ATMs. As a Cash Vault Services customer, Rochester not only securely transports and loads the machines, but Rochester also prepares the load and processes the residuals, completely removing the bank from having to handle any of the ATM currency. This industry best practice reduces the liability and the risk for the financial institution and provides another layer of loss prevention.

Turning over this service also yielded efficiency benefits. Prior to Rochester, Baker explained that when it came to ATMs it was all hands-on deck to get things done in a timely manner. “We essentially had to drop what what we were doing to get the loads prepped, processed and balanced,” she said. Now, this time is open to help customers.”

A commitment to customer

One of the reasons Baker believes the partnership with Rochester is thriving is because the two share a similar commitment to their customers. “There is a partnership with our team and the Rochester team,” she said. “I think that’s because there’s a similar level of caring. We all want to do our best and serve our customers well. ”

Baker said she has seen this commitment in the day-to-day interactions, but fully witnessed it when one of their ATMs was vandalized. She said the bank leaned on Rochester throughout the process since this was the first time the bank had experienced something like this. The Rochester ATM team came out to the site as soon as they were notified to offer assistance.

The result

Rochester’s services are designed to help customers reduce risk, improve efficiency, and lower operating costs all while providing professional and extraordinary service. Baker said the bank is experiencing these benefits and the commitment to service. The result is Arbor Bank is able to better service their customers. “It’s simple,” she said. “We have been able to provide better customer service because we have more time and space to focus on higher priorities.”

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