May 16, 2016

ATMs running out of cash, knowing how much e-cash is available, and changing ATM loads. According to Scott Logsdon, ATM/ITM Operations Manager and Assistant Vice President, these were a few of the challenges that Omaha-based American National Bank faced before it took full advantage of Rochester’s Cash Vault Services.

Now American National Bank, located at 8990 W. Dodge Rd., uses Rochester’s ATM services and Vault services and has noticed an improvement in efficiencies and operating costs.

American National Bank, along with all of Rochester’s Cash Vault Services customers, has access to Rochester’s Secure CVS Web Application that puts the customer in control. This application empowers customers to manage ATM loads and vault amounts at their own convenience. Logsdon believes access to this application has helped the bank become more efficient.

“Prior to the web application, we had to submit e-mail requests to Rochester’s cash room to have changes made to load amounts or load frequencies,” he said. “Now we are able to handle this ourselves, which gives us more flexibility.”

With the control in its hands, he said it’s simple for the bank to change load amounts for time periods when there are certain ATMs that are busier than others. “We really like the ability to change standing order amounts, both permanently and temporarily, and load frequencies,” Logsdon said. “It makes it easier to manage our ATMs.”

The Secure CVS Web Application has proven to be a time-saver for the bank as well. Logsdon said it’s simple to check to see when the next fill date is for an ATM or do research on previous days and load amounts. “The web application provides us up-to-date inventory totals whenever we access the site and provides information on the next service date, which is beneficial when ATMs are running low on cash.”

Tracy Dreessen, Rochester’s customer service manager, explained that Rochester designed its Cash Vault Services for customers to have these kinds of results. “We want to help our customers improve efficiencies, reduce risk, and lower costs by combining our services like this.”

Dreessen added that it is especially rewarding when Rochester is able to help long-term partners like American National Bank. “We value our partnership with American National Bank and want to do what we can to continue to make it successful.”

Delivering more than you expect

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With honesty and integrity,
to profitably provide the safe and secure transportation of valuables while giving professional and extraordinary service to the customer.