The Challenge: Unnecessary (and painful) ATM Service Issues

Before switching to Rochester Armored Car, the University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union experienced a variety of frustrations, complications, and disruptions with service to its ATM fleet. Sabrina Nielsen, Payment Services Manager, explained that the lack of service was directly impacting credit union customers. For example, procedures that were skipped or done incorrectly resulted in withdrawals being declined or the ATM simply not operating and dispensing cash.

The credit union decided a majority of the issues were unnecessary and preventable. It was time to make a change.

The Solution: Rochester Armored Car’s ATM Services

Nielsen said partnering with Rochester has alleviated the challenges and the headaches. “The move to Rochester has proved to be a beneficial switch for the credit union,” she said. “It not only removed the challenges and frustrations we were encountering, but it also took the work and worry off of our front-line staff.”

Following industry best practices for ATM cash preparation and deposit processing, Rochester works with customers to establish vault services with Rochester for ATM preparation and processing. This step not only reduces risk but adds another layer of security to loss prevention.

In addition, Rochester knows how important it is to continue to learn and train in the ever-changing world of ATMs. Rochester employees are carefully trained to work on a variety of different ATM machines and consistently execute the procedures that customers outline.

The Benefits: A happier credit union

Nielsen said the credit union has experienced several positive outcomes after partnering with Rochester.

Reduced risk: The credit union’s ATM loads are more secure because the cash is held and prepared at a Rochester vault, no longer being transported in and out of the branch.

Increased efficiency: The credit union has access to Rochester’s secure web application, which offers robust reporting. Nielsen said balancing has become a much more streamlined process with the reporting that is available now. “It was a huge step forward from the internal form and ATM receipts that were previously used,” she said.

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